My approach to the law has always been simple – invest time and energy in your clients and you will be successful. Whether it be a parent in a custody battle, a person charged with a serious crime, someone needing a final will, or a person who has been physically injured at work, my approach remained the same. It is precisely this approach that resulted in opening the Law Office of Michael Hollinger.

In my nearly 15 years of experience with larger firms, the notion of telling the client that they will be nurtured or cared for is completely taboo. That was typically because such a representation by the firm did not create an aggressive business attitude that allowed the firms to be financially successful. However, after a lifetime of dealing with “real” people, it remains my honest belief that success and aggressive representation starts with taking the time to listen to each of my clients’ needs and concerns. By investing time and passion into every client that I represent, zealous and aggressive representation follows.

This is precisely what The Law Office of Michael Hollinger is able to provide that few, if any, other firms will ever attempt. The goal of The Law Office of Michael Hollinger is to dedicate itself to caring about its clients’ needs and interests. By following that approach, success has, and will continue, to follow.

At Hollinger Law, we take pride in solving our client’s personal and business legal issues. With over 21 years of legal experience, Hollinger Law is dedicated to providing our clients with informed and effective legal advise.

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