Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance which provides benefits to employees who have suffered a work-related injury or illness.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured at work, you are absolutely entitled to the benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. Who better to have as your workers compensation attorney than one who started his career working for the employers and their insurance companies? Attorney Hollinger knows how the insurance companies work and how they can manipulate your case to your detriment. As a result, Attorney Hollinger has been highly successful in litigating cases and achieving financial settlements that meet your needs.

Whether you are currently an injured worker, have questions about being injured at work, or have a loved one who has been injured at work, you need to make sure that someone is looking out for you and NOT the employer. Do not assume that just because you are getting paid by the insurance company that they are concerned for your overall well-being. All too often, they simply are not. Even if you think that your injury may have been caused by something you did outside of work, it is very possible that your pre-existing condition was aggravated (or worsened) by your work related activities.

Attorney Hollinger has litigated matters involving Injuries resulting from heavy lifting, repetitive work activity, falls, and dangerous equipment. He has handled occupational health injuries as well as death claims arising from work related accidents. Our practice has represented individuals at the initial hearing levels as well as on appeal to the state appeals courts with a high degree of success and client satisfaction.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to money compensation. Contact Hollinger Law today at 610-393-4838 to set up a free consultation!

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